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Luminess Air is a new, innovative approach to makeup technology.  The technology is centered on an airbrush that applies foundation and blusher.   Makeup that is applied through the brush zeroes in on trouble spots and airbrushes away the wrinkles and discolorations.  You apply the airbrush to apply your normal level of foundation, and there is also a blusher cartridge.  This product does not look or act like normal make up does.  It is lightweight and does not gather inside wrinkles like other products do.  There are minerals in the makeup that provide moisture for your skin while they are covering blemishes.  It does not leave an oily or greasy residue that will lead to blemishes.  The airbrush is hyperallergenic and non-comedogenic.   Some find that the product is difficult to apply and can cause orange, blotchy skin.  Others are dissuaded by the expense of the product.


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The ingredients that Luminess uses in their products are water-based, gentle and all natural.  There are no oils, fragrances or talc.  The recipe includes great ingredients to promote skin health like vitamin E antioxidants, minerals, and oil-free humectants.  The recipe is dermatologist tested and recommended to promote good skin hygiene.  Luminess Air is designed to be helpful on a wide variety of skin types.  People of all ages with all skin types, from regular, combination, and oily skin, have success with this product.  People love how the product looks natural and does not involve multiple, thick layers of coverage the way normal makeup does.  The product leaves skin looking younger and smoother, with a long-term hold that lasts all day.

The basic Luminess Air kit includes a stylus and an air compressor that can be used in your home, a foundation cartridge in your chosen shade, and an instructional DVD.  There is a wide array of foundation shades, along with other makeup products like blush, eye shadow, bronzer, and highlighter.  The Luminess Air company insists that their products have natural, holistic and organic components and have not been tested on animals.  You can purchase a starter kit for around $230.00, depending on the vendor.  The refill foundations range from $26.00 to $34.00.


One pro for Luminess Air is that there are quite a few celebrity makeup artists that have endorsed the company’s products.  Another pro is that buyers are pleased with the fact that the airbrush is designed so that it can be used in the average household, and doesn’t have a lot of complicated parts to assemble.  One issue that some have with Luminess Air products is that they have no real affect on aging skin.  Most new skin care products on the market today are geared toward erasing fine lines and wrinkles, and preventing the appearance of new age-related blemishes.  While Luminess Air is excellent at covering up these blemishes, it does not get rid of them.  Some reviewers take issue with the fact the Luminess Air has not released a full ingredients list, so it’s difficult for buyers to make an informed decision about whether the product is the best choice for them.

If you’re interested in trying Luminess Air, but are concerned with the price, there are coupons available at several different online sites.  There are also websites that sell products at competitive prices and deal with overstocked items.

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luminess air official site

Luminess Air Official Site

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I have just found this product, and to be hones I’m really excited about it . I will try it and write a full review that I hope that helps other people to take a decision.

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